CrossFit SkiErg
CrossFit SkiErg
CrossFit SkiErg

CrossFit SkiErg

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Re-stocked 22nd June 2022. 
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    • Crossfit SkiErg perfect for building strength & endurance, working the entire body in an efficient, rhythmic motion., Skiing is a low impact, high calories burning exercise suitable for all ages and abilities
    • Flywheel design (4.3kg flywheel) minimises noises while maximising a smooth feel
    • Air resistance system with variable tension control.
    • Multi programme including fixed or variable by time and / or distance
    • Console feedback including distance, time, rate, watts, calories, splits
    • Warranty for 6 months free
    • Dimensions are: H212, W52, D40.6cm with minimal assembly required
    • Shipping Weight: SkiErg – 61 lbs (28kg) Floor stand – 38 lbs (18kg)

     CrossFit SkiErg Heavy Duty Cardio Fitness SkiErg 

     Ready to provide a diverse and endless variety of workout options, the CrossFit SkiErg. Due to the unique design, it can work for a beginner, a rehabbing athlete, or a seasoned pro training at the highest levels of competition. SkiErg has a great ability to work legs, core and arms in a smooth, continuous motion and offers a quality workout that will build your strength and endurance.  

    Using Air Resistance, the SkiErg automatically, increasing the resistance the harder you work. The SkiErg is fitted with a clear LCD digital display to track the Calories, Heart Rate, Distance, Time, Odometer, Interval Training. Designed smartly to save space without sacrificing functionality, the SkiErg  features handy wheels for easy movement and storage.

    Tough and built to last, our SkiErg withstand rigorous use in gyms, studios and homes. The SkiErg can be either mounted on a wall or used with a floor stand which comes with the SkiErg. Wall mounting provides the most compact option, while the floor stand, with its anti-skid deck and caster wheels, provides an all-in-one solution that makes the SkiErg mobile and is very easy to assemble.